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Barry Barton

Barry Barton - Bayswater, Victoria, Australia on 19 Dec, 2012


Dear Mr Engel,
 Is this perhaps the oldest still working Engel in Australia? I believe that it is the model that preceded the one shown as Malcolm Douglas's original Engel! Note the different temperature control knob and the carry handles, together with the more open grill covering the condenser.
I purchased the one shown in the attached photos to carry the baby food for our daughter (born in December 1975) as we travelled about Outback Australia. It was purchased from grain merchant and 4x4 servicing agent Frank Murphy in Auburn, Melbourne, costing $230 which in 1975 would have purchased a full sized family fridge-freezer. My daughter has just had her 35th birthday and I am about to pass on to her this great little Aussie traveller as she introduces her young children to the joy of Central Australia.
The faithful little unit has accompanied us on just about every track in Australia since 1975 including 17 crossings of the Simpson Desert. It has been absolutely brilliant!
Congratulations Engel on what must be without doubt, the best invention ever for devotees of our great Outback.

Best wishes, Barry Barton

Stephen Langman

Stephen Langman - on 14 Jul, 2011

img My name is Stephen Langman and I have a great passion for the Simpson Desert-not just the normal travelled sections that everyone gets to see, but places that are rarely visited. This year I had 3 caps on when I mapped the Hay River section of the Northern Simpson Desert, 1 when I carried out a complete mapping survey for Hema Maps in Queensland, 2, a detailed written history of the area to be included in John Deckert of Westprint Maps in Victoria New CD of the Hay River area and 3 when my full details were published on ExplorOz web site. When you are in true remote parts of the desert that I get to, I demand the very best, as there is no second chances with fridge reliability. My old Engel has put to shame the new plastic type so called car fridges that have just stopped working. At the end of the day, I can rely on my Engel to give me cold drinks and fresh food, no questions asked. Next year I am again heading into the remote sections of the Simpson, to Geosurveys Hill and The Geographical Centre of the Simpson where there are no roads to follow at all for Hundred's of Kilometres. It would be even better with a new and bigger Engel Fridge on this longer trip.


Steve Starling - on 19 Sep, 2011

"Over the years, we've come to realise that you can't beat the best when choosing outdoor equipment. From our rods and reels to the vehicles we drive and the clothing we wear, we demand the very best. In the field of portable fridge-freezers that means there's only one possible choice - Engel!"