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Industry Expert Recommendation

Ricky Esser - Follow Me 4WD - on 19 Sep, 2011

img I am the owner of Follow Me 4wd in Happy Valley South Australia. We offer Nationally Recognised Driver Training in basic to advanced four wheel driving, towing education and 4wd tours. I have been a proud owner of an Engel 39lt grey coloured fridge for more than 14 years. This fridge was bought from Rees Engineering (Pennington SA) second hand and has sat in 3 different 4wds which have all been used for work and play, and on average the Engel has been running most days of the week. For the past 3 years since I started our business, the fridge gets switched off once a month for cleaning, other than that the Engel runs 24/7. Even in the extremes of conditions we have been in over the years, I mean rough, dusty, corrugate, stinking hot, the mighty Engel has never let us down. I was so impressed with the reliability of the product I bought another second hand unit from a friend, who bought a 60lt Engel due to an expanding family. This fridge has also enjoyed many years of reliable service. My original 39lt is used for my tucker and the second is used to keep the clients happy. For me there is no other product out there in the market that could match the ruggedness and reliability of the Engel and I am sure when you purchase your Engel, you can be assured that it will handle everything you throw at it. And yes, I have owned other brands as well. What a beauty, thanks Engel for a great product. Check Out my website

4x4 Expert Recommends

Ron & Viv Moon - on 12 Jan, 2012

img While we've tested nearly every make and model of 12V/240V fridge-freezer on the Aussie market over the last 20 years our favourite fridge freezer and the one we always use is a 40-litre Engel. Why? Well our first 29-litre Engel is still going after 25 years of hard use and is now on its third owners! Ron & Viv Moon Editor @ Large - 4x4 Australia magazine

Andrew Trickey

Andrew Trickey - on 14 Jul, 2011

img Thank you Engel for making such tough quality fridge freezers, I use mine for work as I stay away from home a fair bit, so its great to fill the fridge and the freezer and take off for the week, saves me alot of money not having to buy takeaway all the time, also it is used every time we go travelling around Australia, I have just bought a MT60F-C fridge / freezer 57 ltr and my father had the old yellow top 30 ltr fridge for about 30 years and it still hasnt missed a beat, it looks alot like Malcom Douglas's old banger. Any way I've got a picture of my brother's fridge with his security system on our last trip to the Grampians

40th Anniversary Testimonial Competition Winner

Paul Lucas - on 19 Sep, 2011

img I bought a MRFT-530 in 1976 after reading a magazine article on portable camping fridges. My experience since has certainly vindicated their recommendation. It has had many uses during its long, and harsh, life. During my Army Reserve service with an armored reconnaissance regiment it was strapped into the back of an armored personnel carrier and powered from the main battery. It was subjected to vibration and constant pounding as we traveled across country and never missed a beat. It also served in Land Rovers and trucks. The only repair during its 30 years of service was a panel-beating job. During the late 70's whilst assisting in the Sunraysia Desert Rallies, it took a pounding in the back of a pickup truck. The Engel was severely deformed and I expected the worst. However after dismantling the outer metal shell and panel beating it roughly back into shape I found that it still worked as well as ever. Since then it has done sterling service on camping trips, been loaned out to work mates for fishing trips, and in between comes out for parties and BBQs where it serves as a drinks fridge. My best purchases ever! This Entry also included a copy of the original receipt.