Product Reviews & Testimonials

Bungle Bungles

Waz & Vicki Richards - on 14 Jul, 2010

img G'day Mr Engel We purchased an Engel MT-60F in 2006. On a recent trip we had just come out of the Bungle Bungles and were heading up the Great Northern Highway at 110 km h when on a left hand bend, the canopy side door on our ute came open and out went the fridge. I saw it in the side mirror bouncing and cartwheeling down the bitumen with food, cans, stubbies flying in all directions as the lid and cover parted company. We stopped and cleared the mess, throwing the battered bits and pieces of fridge into the ute before heading to our camp site on the Ord. Next morning it was time to assess the damage. After levering away some twisted metal from around the plug, I was able to get the lead plugged in....and would you believe it, it purred like new. A little more straightening of lid and hinges, some gaffa tape for the cover and we were able to complete the next 5 weeks of our trip without any sign of a problem. Living in the north west of WA and being avid campers and boaters, we wanted a good quality fridge. We chose an Engel because of it's bullet proof reputation, and now I know it was the right choice. I'm sure that no other brand of fridge could sustain this sort of impact and still work perfectly. Thanks Engel Regards Warren & Vicki Richards Note from Mr Engel; It is recommended that you secure your Engel to the Vehicle before heading bush.

Justin Mauger

Justin Mauger - Mackay,Queensland on 19 Dec, 2012

img  Just wanted to share a photo of the engel that was recently handed down to me by my father-in-law (after he purchased a brand new engel of course!). He purchased it 20 odd years ago and has travelled extensively with it all around the country and still works brilliantly for me and my family on our camping trips. One day when it does pack it in, which doesn?? look likely soon, I will not look at another brand as i think this and the other testimonials here speak volumes for your product

Rob, Suzanne, Noah and Baby

Rob - Port Hedland - Western Australia on 19 Dec, 2012

img  Hi Guys,

I've had my two Engels for about 16 years, they were bought 2nd hand without a worry. They have been to all the compass points of Australia banged down most of the dessert tracks North South East and West. They have been in my three work utes and have been recently put in my 100 series landcruiser. I?? so confident that they will last another 20 years I have designed my slide out tray in the back to purpose fit them both. They go everywhere we go and are used as the beer fridge at home. We are about to hit the Gibb River road and we will have cold food and drinks all the way. I wouldn?? buy any other fridge.

Hunts NT & Barra Base

Hunts NT & Barra Base - on 19 Sep, 2011

img The Northern Territory is some 1.4 million square kilometres in size and as professional hunting & fishing guides we often find ourselves in wild & remote locations having to be totally self sufficient & reliant. Our equipment, outboards, fishing gear, rifles, fridges, boats and vehicles, have to be of the highest quality and provide bullet proof reliability in some of the toughest environments on the continent. We travel over some of the roughest & sometimes dustiest roads the Top End can throw at us. This isn't weekend warrior stuff or a leisurely trip around Oz, but day after day, week after week, year after year, often being used & abused by less than gentle clients, equipment at HuntsNT & Geoff Corry Fishing, just gets a relentless hammering. The success of our business & our client's enjoyment relies upon the quality & quantity of food & beverages we can transport & keep in premium condition. That's not an easy call in the Territory, even in winter, with consistent day time highs of 31 degrees Celsius. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior level of service & our clients expect & appreciate an icy cold beer & a good steak or barramundi fillet at the end of a hard days fishing or hunting. Our Engel fridges have consistently delivered the goods! In 2007, after being dropped, kicked, dented, coated in bull dust, exposed to salt & freshwater, shot & patched, used as a fish box, seat & step ladder and having mud, dirt & sand over it, under it, on it & in it, we retired the old Engel fridge after 29 years of active service. Geoff had actually owned it from when he was a teenager, just a fantastic performance. We do have another Engel which has had a huge workload in the same rough & tough conditions, but at 19 years of age, it's really only middle aged. We will have two new 80 litre Engels in 2008 & they will be used as a fridge & a freezer with a couple of Engel 67 litre Ice Boxes as back up with ice bricks from the 80 litre freezer. Unfortunately if these new fridges last as long as our previous Engels, we may not be around to report just how good they have been, perhaps that's a project for the kids