BMIL :: Battery Monitor In Line

Recomended Retail Price: $75 AU

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This handy little device gives you piece of mind, it Automatically shuts the fridge off when the battery charge drops below a set voltage, which means no more flat batteries. Also Available in a hard wire model (BM12), both have a selectable 10.5 volt or 11.5 volt cut out (plus or minus 0.1volt) (for selection please refer to vehicle manufacturers requirements for starting) and the BMIL has an LCD display with back light for easy monitoring of battery voltage. It Has an automatic reconnection when the battery voltage reaches 13.2 volts (plus or minus 0.1volt), and rated to 15 amps. For extra versatility the BMIL Battery Monitor In Line, this model simply screws into your Engel 12 volt lead using the "posi-fit" connections that come standard with your Engel refrigerator, allowing your battery monitor to go where ever your Engel goes.

Product Specifications
Name: Battery Monitor In Line
Model No: BMIL
Category: Fridge Accessories
DC Power Consumption: Max. 15 Amp
Power: 12 Volt only