TE15 :: Thermo Engel 15 Litre

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The new age Thermo ENGEL, Thermoelectric cooler / warmer. ENGEL makes travelling and work fun with the new Thermo ENGEL 15 Litre. It's great to take along for your outdoor trips and adventures. Features include cooling performance up to 22 degrees below ambient temperature. Warms up to +65 degrees Celsius great for keeping warm food while travelling. Weighing just over 5 Kg it is ideal to take along for picnics and road trips. With a secure seat-belt slot for fastening, it also makes a great armrest when used on the back seat. Easy to open with a magnetic lid. Includes twin can holders at 75 mm diameter.

Product Specifications
Name: Thermo Engel 15 Litre
Model No: TE15
Category: Thermo Cooler / Warmer
Capacity: 15 Litre
External dimensions:: H 300 W 560 D 280
Net Weight: 5 Kg
DC Power Consumption: 4.5 amps
Power: 12 Volt DC Only
Smaller Model: TE08