SPR28W :: Power Film Solar Rollable 28 Watt

Recomended Retail Price: $640 AU

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Available Now! PowerFilm Rollable Solar Chargers are manufactured with a proprietary roll process that produces a thin film solar panel with best-in-class flexibility. Built with the same technology that goes into every PowerFilm solar module, the rollable solar charger line is extremely durable, lightweight, and easily integrated to provide power for a number of charging applications.

Features include; Fully waterproof and constructed with marine grade connectors to provide a portable solar solution for marine environments. Highly durable and resist point damage extremely well.

Product Specifications
Name: Power Film Solar Rollable 28 Watt
Model No: SPR28W
Category: Solar
External dimensions:: Unrolled W 368.3 mm L 2025 mm
Net Weight: 0.817 Kg
Smaller Model: SPR21W
Larger Model: SPR42W

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