SPF90W :: Power Film Solar Foldable 90 Watt

Recomended Retail Price: $1499 AU

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Available Now! The Power Film 90 Watt Solar charger is a foldable, light weight, durable and extremely portable solar panel. The solar panels are mounted to a light weight, weather resistant fabric that easily unfolds for use and folds for storage. The 90 Watt Foldable Solar Charger fits easily into most bags or rucksacks and weighs just over 2 Kgs which makes it the perfect expeditionary accessory to provide power for a wide range of electronics. Unmatched durability allows for use in even the harshest environments.
Folds up compactly. Light Weight, Durable, Versatile, Works in low light conditions. Power to charge the widest range of electronic devices. This 90 Watt model can even run an Engel 40 litre fridge direct from the panel with out the need for a battery, when in full sun light.

Product Specifications
Name: Power Film Solar Foldable 90 Watt
Model No: SPF90W
Category: Solar
External dimensions:: Unfolded W 1727 mm L 1380 mm
Net Weight: 2.27 Kg
Smaller Model: SPF60W