BATTPAK56 :: 56 amp / hour Battery Pack

Recomended Retail Price: $585 AU

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The ENGEL Battpak is a portable deep cycle dual battery system for powering your ENGEL Portable Fridge / Freezer and Accessories, in & out of your vehicle. The Battpak is a maintenance free rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. It will operate in any position without leakage and at temperatures between -20 degrees C and + 50 degrees C. The Battpak 56 has three outlets, one 12 volt cigar plug, one Hella plug and one ENGEL Posi-fit socket all outlet are fitted with ON/OFF rocker switches and fused at 15 amps.

Product Specifications
Name: 56 amp / hour Battery Pack
Model No: BATTPAK56
Category: Past Products
External dimensions:: H 285 W 190 D 380
Net Weight: 26 Kg
Power: 12 Volt DC
Smaller Model: BATTPAK28