40 Litre Chest Fridge / Freezer Digital Platinum Series

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Date: 24 Feb, 2014

Size: 1531Kb

Description: : Digital Platinum Series. New User friendly digital controls with built in battery monitor. This unit has all the features, efficiency and reliability you have come to expect from ENGEL , including being powered by the world renowned 'Sawafuji

Power Film Solar Charger Controller 10 amp

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Date: 13 Jan, 2014

Size: 2226Kb

Description: :

40 Litre Combi Fridge / Freezer

Category: Product Images - Chest Fridge / Freezer

Date: 04 Dec, 2013

Size: 1504Kb

Description: :

Engel are proud to announce it has added an exciting new model to its range of Portable Fridge / Freezers, the MT45F

Nissan Motorsport - Engel Australia

Category: Miscellaneous

Date: 22 Oct, 2013

Size: 428Kb

Description: : Check out the awesome range of Engel Fridge - Freezers pictured here with Nissan Motorsports Rick Kelly & James Moffatt.

Legends in their Field - Nissan Motorsport

Category: Miscellaneous

Date: 22 Oct, 2013

Size: 319Kb

Description: : Just as Engel Fridge - Freezers are a Legend in Reliability, Nissan Motorsport including V8 supercar drivers Rick Kelly, Todd Kelly, James Moffat & Michael Caruso are Legends in their Field. The team from Nissan Motorsport are always on the road. Engel pr

Ron Moon Article on Power Film Solar

Category: Product Images - Solar

Date: 18 Oct, 2013

Size: 462Kb

Small Storage Basket Suit Eclipse 38Litre

Category: Product Images - Fridge Accessories

Date: 13 Sep, 2013

Size: 911Kb

Description: : New Product, Available Now! Small Basket to suit the MR40F Eclipse, MT35F, MT45F, MB40V.

Ice Box Conversion Kit F-Series Compressor

Category: Product Images - Conversion Kits

Date: 13 Aug, 2013

Size: 1999Kb

Description: :  This is the new F-series Compressor. The versatile ENGEL AC / DC cooling system lets you determine the size and position of your refrigerator. This unit comes complete as a 'do it your self' installation. The cooling unit includes a va

Paul Worsteling & IFISH with Tackle World

Category: Miscellaneous

Date: 08 Aug, 2013

Size: 121Kb

Description: : Engel Distribution are proud to announce its partnership with Paul Worsteling and the team at "IFISH with Tackle World" for the 2013 series to be broadcast on Network Ten, Channel One and Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel. This initiative brings Austra

ENGEL Fishing Hat

Category: Product Images - Promotional

Date: 04 Jun, 2013

Size: 1113Kb