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USB+AA Solar Charger
Go from fully spent to fully charged in just four    MADE FOR THE US ARMY
hours (in direct sun conditions). In addition to
battery charging, utilising the universal USB port
and working with two rechargeable batteries allows
for direct charging of most small USB devices, like
cellphones, smart phones, and iPods.
•	 Designed to absorb light even during low light
•	 Very compact and lightweight. Weighs just 4.9oz.
•	 Includes 2 rechargeable NIMH batteries
The perfect partner.
Perfectly efficient.
Engel’s swing motor simple operation saves your
battery reserves. It draws a maximum of only 2.6
amps and operates as low as 0.5 amps, meaning
longer running time between charges.
Critically, an Engel will keep working as low as
10 volts. This makes a PowerFilm® Solar Charger
the perfect partner for your Engel fridge freezer.
Just plug in your PowerFilm® charger, and your
Engel will run. Available in 60 Watts.
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