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                                                         Engel Thermo Cooler-
                                                         Warmer TE08 (8 litre)
                                                         TE15 (15 litre)
                                                         The Engel Thermoelectric cooler/warmer’s give
                                                         travelling and work a higher level of comfort and
                                                         convenience. Features include cooling performance
                                                         up to 22 degrees below ambient temperature
                                                         and warms up to +65 degrees Celsius, great for
                                                         keeping food warm or cool while travelling. Light
                                                         weight they are ideal to take along for picnics and
                                                         road trips, with a secure seat-belt slot for fastening
                                                         they also make a great armrest when used on the
                                                         back seat. Easy to open with a magnetic lid the
                                                         Engel Thermo includes twin can holders, shoulder
                                                         strap and DC cord. 12 Month Warranty included.
                                                         Replacement Cords:
                                                         12 Volt Cord Part #TCORD
                                                         TE08 (8 litre)               TE15 (15 litre)
                              Capacity:                                      8 LITRE  15 LITRE
                              External Dimensions (mm): H260 W440 D205 H300 W560 D280
                              Net Weight:                                    3 KG     5 KG
                              DC Power Consumption:                          4 AMPS   4.5 AMPS
                              Power:                                         12V DC   12V DC
   Engel MD14F (14 litre)
   The Engel MD14F (14 litre) is a totally portable yet
   very powerful 12V fridge-freezer for cars, trucks
   and boats. Carry chilled drinks and perishables
   wherever you go. 12/24 DC only, no in-built 240V.
   Capacity:                  14 LITRE (14x375ml cans)
   Internal Dimensions (mm):  H210 W350 D190
   External Dimensions (mm):  H395 W442 D284
   Net Weight:                11.5 KG
   DC Power Consumption: Variable from 0.5-2.8 AMPS      Accessories:
                                                         Transit Slide Lock #TSL17 (Requires #TSLPlate)
   Power:                     12V DC Only                Transit Slide Lock Plate #TSLPLATE (Requires #TSL17)
                                                         Replacement Cords: 12 Volt Cord Part #JCORD
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