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   Compressor Unit       Engel SB30G (30 litre)
Stainless Steel Runners
                         This unit features a new Compact Sawafuji Swing
                         Motor. Stainless steel drawer runners. Solid cabinet
                         with built-in ventilation and dual fans to assist in
                         air flow. Auto switching between 12 or 24 volt
                         DC. Internal LED light. The compressor unit can be
                         remotely located up to 1.5 metres away.
                         Capacity:            30 LITRE (35x375ml cans)
                         Internal Dimensions  H171 W335 D476
                         (drawer only mm):
                         External Dimensions  H250 W440 D560
                         (cabinet only mm):
                         Compressor Dimensions (mm): H250 W440 D156
                         Net Weight:                                                    19 KG
                         DC Power Consumption: 2.7A @ 12V, 1.5A @ 24V
                         Power:               12V / 24V DC
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